Son of Iconic Actor Robin Williams Teams Up with Legendary NFT Artist to Raise Money for Mental Health Awareness

Last week, Zak Williams- the son of late acting legend Robin Williams- announced the release of an NFT in collaboration with Jesus Martinez. “Humanity Amor” was minted in honor of Robin Williams, and all proceeds from the eventual sale are to be donated to low-income families and young people in need of mental health care.

About the NFT

Humanity Amor is a moving image NFT featuring a bold red heart that slowly grows out of a dark background. It appears to push through the almost space-like surroundings to form a glowing heart in the center. 

Furthermore, it represents that love is universal- it is not contained to one race, color, age, country, species, or even planet. No matter who you are or where you come from, everyone is entitled to and deserving of love. That is the message Martinez wants to portray through this NFT artwork. 

All the proceeds from the sale are set to go directly to Bring Change to Mind (BC2M). It is a charity dedicated to raising awareness for mental health issues and helping to support those who are struggling. The actress Glen Close is a co-founding member, and Zak Williams sits on the board. 

Of course, it is a charity close to Zak’s heart, and Martinez also has ties to painful issues.

How the Collaboration Began

Zak Williams and Jesus Martinez were introduced by a mutual friend and soon connected because of their dads. Williams lost his famous father to suicide in 2014 after a long struggle with mental health problems and depression. Martinez stated that he also sees his own father struggle with similar issues. 

It led them to bond over NFT artwork. Jesus Martinez is a wildly successful figure in the industry, having sold his last piece for $38,000 on OpenSea. He also mentors other LA artists hoping to break into the NFT scene. Zak is a long-time fan of non-fungible tokens, so it seemed like the perfect match. 

The Auction

Humanity Amor is currently on view on the SuperRare marketplace. It has a reserve price of eight ETH (roughly $22,500 US). Once an offer exceeding the reserve price is made, an automatic 24-hour auction shall commence, and the highest bid takes it. 

The NFT dropped just over a week ago but is yet to reach the reserve: the current leading bid is for 3.5 ETH (a little under $10,000 US). It has had a lot of interest with almost 1000 views, but people may be waiting for the 24-hours of live auction to start once the reserve is met.

You can keep up to date with the proceedings on

Future Goals

Both Martinez and Williams have expressed a desire to start a whole new web3 community that centers on mental health support and awareness. They hope that Humanity Amor can start a conversation in the NFT art world that brings together people of all nationalities, ethnicities, and backgrounds for the common goal of being good to our fellow humans. 

Their collaboration with each other and the charity, Bring Change to Mind, is already a step in the right direction. Two people from different lives who meet and decide to do something to support others who, like them, have been affected in some way by the effect of mental health issues: it is what we love to see in this industry. 

Final Thoughts

Robin William was a treasured entertainer, comedian, actor, father, and human being. His tragic suicide rocked the world and stood as a stark reminder that anyone can be suffering beneath the surface. 

Tributes to the great man poured out from fans, fellow actors, famous entertainers, and even former presidents. 

Humanity Amor is yet another touching tribute to Robin Williams and what he achieved during his life. Even more than that, it is a tribute to the message that he left behind. Be kind: you never know what is going on in a person’s mind. 

We hope that the auction is a great success and that many people can benefit from the funding sent to BC2M. Mental health is still one of the most stigma-covered and misunderstood issues- even today. It is time to change that.

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