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Celebrities and NFTs

If there is one group of people who love new and exciting technology that costs money and causes hype, it is the celebs. NFTs have hit Hollywood and beyond, with many big names in film, music, tech, and finance all jumping on board.

Since the early days of cryptocurrency, some names have been associated with the previously unknown world of digital finance. Now that it has moved on to art and other creative elements, the celeb circle has grown. As it does, the general interest grows as well.

Celebrities from every industry are popping up on marketplaces to trade NFTs. Every time they do, they stir up a whirlwind of interest that is impossible to ignore. If you want to keep track of what the rich and famous are doing when it comes to non-fungible tokens, then you are in the correct place.

What do the Celebs Love about NFTs?

The better question is, what don’t they love? Whether they are tweeting about them, buying them, or making them to sell on themselves, they love getting involved. Music stars are releasing musical files, actors and sports stars are releasing memorabilia, and tech giants just need to mention an NFT artist, and their work sells for six or seven figures.

Keeping Up with the Crypto Tokens

At, we like to keep you in the know, so all the latest celebrity NFT news is posted right here. If a celebrity gets involved in non-fungible tokens in any way, we know about it, so you can too!

Visit this page for updates on who is who and what moves they are making and follow the trends of your favorite stars.