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Time to Shop: Top 5 MarketPlaces

When you consider that the NFT market is now worth billions of dollars, it probably shouldn’t come as a surprise to hear that there are many options out there of where to buy. The interest in NFT art built up in 2020, then it sky-rocketed in 2021, bringing in eye-watering amounts of money and talent. 

That hype is still going strong and is helping to build a strong foundation for NFT art to grow into a long-term investing and collecting opportunity. More marketplaces pop up each month with a new variation on the trend. From niche specialty markets catering to very specific collectors to one-stop-shop platforms where anything goes, there is no shortage of shopping potential. 

The question is: where to start? 

We have put together a list of some of the most exciting places to buy NFTs and what features we like the most. Tastes in artwork vary greatly, so not every platform is right for every person. If you are just starting out on your NFT journey, it is worth shopping around until you find the perfect marketplace for you and your style.

Best NFT Overall Marketplace: is the largest NFT marketplace of them all, bringing in around $4 billion in transactional revenue in less than a year. It was founded in 2017 and claims to be the first-ever marketplace for buying and selling NFTs.

Hundreds of thousands of people currently use to buy NFTs. The eclectic selection of artwork on offer is definitely one of the main appeals, as well as the beginner-friendly interface and budget-friendly fees.   

In our opinion, the best thing about buying NFTs of is how easy it is to filter your search to find the exact type of token you are interested in. With just a few clicks, you can streamline the artists, themes, color schemes, styles, mediums, and techniques- to name just a few.

On the other side, our one grumble about is that you can only deal in cryptocurrency and via a digital wallet. Ok, this probably doesn’t seem like a big deal since NFTs are a sort of crypto anyway, but lots of platforms allow because to buy without needing to invest in crypto first. 

Best Marketplace for Single Edition Artwork: SuperRare

The entire ethos behind SuperRare is that every token for sale is absolutely unique rather than part of a larger collection. Digital artists from around the world upload their creations to SuperRare because it is known for pulling in big buyers and bold brands. 

Think of SuperRare as a digital crypto gallery filled with creative art pieces and invested bidders. Many pieces sell for six figures on this site because of the exclusivity of the tokens available. 

Our favorite thing about SuperRare is the exclusive, art house-like feel of it all, which is also what attracts so many creative people to the site. Where it could improve in many people’s eyes is by diversifying the types of artists whose work it sells and promotes to broaden the horizons of the art on offer. 

Best NFT Marketplace for Collectible Basketball Cards: NBA Top Shot

NBA Top Shot is the other marketplace worth talking about when discussing where to buy collectible basketball memorabilia. Generations of people have loved collecting cards with their favorite NBA stars on them, and NFTs are the most modern twist on the tradition. 

It is the ideal place to shop if you are looking for something highly collectible in the sports niche, but not so much for general art. Basketball NFTs are considered by many to be great choices for long-term investors, whether or not they know who is on the card!

Best for Gamers: Venly

Digital artwork is not the only type of NFT you can buy, not by a long way. One of the growing trends is for gamers to create in-game NFTs that actually interact with the gameplay. Venly is one of the most popular sites for this type of NFT buying.

Gamers can connect and trade weapons, characters, and other collectible assets through the Venly platform without needing to necessarily spend. If they do need to, they can do so via cryptocurrency or PayPal- something not a lot of marketplaces offer. Anyone who loves gaming and is developing an interest in NFTs should get themselves onto Venly. 

Best for Buying Musical NFTs: Zeptagram

Musicians are the latest artists getting involved with the NFT trend. Zeptagram is an independent platform with its very own cryptocurrency that gives musicians the chance to tokenize their sounds and sell them.

Dreamt up in Sweden to help musical artists capitalize on the NFT trend and earn royalties off their music, Zeptagram is a power to the people platform. It does more than just music, but that is definitely for what it is best-known.

Other Notable Places to Buy NFT

This list barely scratches the surface of what opportunities are available to new NFT buyers out there today. It is overwhelming how many marketplaces there are now to choose between. 

Some other names worth checking out include:

The World Is Your Digital Oyster

As you can see, there is no shortage of places to shop for NFTs in every shape and form. From fantasy football players to signed tweets, there is not much you can’t find. Shop around until you discover the marketplace that suits you the best, and don’t feel like you need to stay confined to just one bubble!