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About Us

Knowing a little more about the people behind the platform can help you get a better understanding of what it’s all about. In our case, learning a little about who the NFTsPedia team is can only improve the experience you have on our site. 

Let’s start with a bit of background. We are an eclectic group of people who are all wonderfully different but equally passionate about all things crypto. From the very beginning of Bitcoin way back in 2009, we have been right in the thick of it all, tracking the progress and reveling in the ups and downs. 

Fast forward a decade and NFTs have taken the idea of crypto to the next level, or at least along a whole new branch, and we are still hooked. 

Although we all come from slightly different backgrounds, be it financial, technological, digital, or otherwise, we all have a common love of cryptocurrency and all that goes along with it. It was this mutual interest that inspired us to create

What Is the Goal?

We realized that as NFTs grew more popular, it became harder to keep up with everything that was going on. In our personal searches, we were spending way too long trying to hunt down all the relevant information. That was when we realized there needed to be one place where NFT fans could go to find out everything they needed to know.

Thus, was born! 

By combining our shared knowledge and individual expertise, we created a website that covers every aspect of NFTs, from designing them to collecting them. Whether you are looking for marketing advice on how best to sell artwork you have created, or you want to find out what trading sites have the hottest markets right now, we have the info you need. 

Building and Nurturing an NFT Community

The idea was to encourage a wave of people with an interest in cryptocurrencies and NFTs to expand their knowledge and grow the community. Our dream is to be a central hub for a global gathering of NFTs lovers, from total newbies to seasoned veterans. Already we are well on the way to seeing that become a reality.

Far from an exclusive club, welcomes people from all stages in their NFT journeys to join the conversation and ride the wave alongside us. Loyalty from followers and fans is what propelled NFTs and crypto coins to the dizzying heights they currently operate at, and it is what is likely to take them even further. Although these unique and quirky tokens are not yet in front of the mainstream masses, people like us at NFTsPedia are helping to get them there. 

What Comes Next for the NFTsPedia Team?

The potential that NFTs carry is unrestricted and immeasurable. There is simply no telling how far the industry could go. By the same token, the sky is the limit for NFTsPedia.

Going forward, our team is dedicated to providing reliable regular updates that people care about and want to see. We also intend to expand our content into further channels to add value for our followers. In a world as unpredictable and exciting as NFTs, becoming stagnant is not an option, which is why we ensure to keep ever on the lookout and on the move for new opportunities. 

As we continue to share our passion for these weird and wonderful little tokens, we hope to inspire others to throw their hat in the ring as well, be it as an artist, a trader, or a collector. The world is changing, and we want to be forever at the front of the ride!