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Gary Vee’s NFT Story

Gary Vaynerchuk, more commonly known as Gary Vee, is one of the most important figures in the NFT world. As both a buyer and seller, he is heavily involved personally in the industry, but he is also a sort of modern-day guru to the NFT masses.

Before he became a poster child for all things NFT, Vaynerchuk had already proven himself as a highly intelligent and talented entrepreneur.

  • Gary Vee had his first big break via YouTube when he started Wine Library TV. That success enabled him to go to do many more exciting things.
  • He is a New York Times Best Selling Author and a regular public speaker at his own private concerts and other conferences in various industries.
  • His global digital advertising company, VanyerMedia (of which he is CEO), is reportedly worth several hundred million dollars.
  • As an individual, Gary Vee has turned himself into a brand and icon and is currently worth around $200 million.

In a nutshell, Gary Vaynerchuk is maybe the most talented jack of all trades that ever lived, but he specializes in several digital industries. NFTs have become something of a trademark for Gary Vee for various reasons.

Gary Vee and Selling NFTs

A fair part of Gary Vee’s success and reputation in the NFT community comes from his own NFT collection and website, VeeFriends. It is one of the most successful websites of its kind today.

What Is VeeFriends?

VeeFriends launched early in 2021 after Vaynerchuk dropped the newly minted NFT artworks for sale. It is a collection of thousands of napkin doodles depicting cartoon-like animals, each with a personality trait or virtue. Examples include Passionate Parrot and Shrewd Shark.

The idea behind the collection was to add additional value to an NFT. Some purchases acted as tickets to upcoming Gary Vee conferences or were connected to other gifts. Vaynerchuk also offered free NFTs with every book purchase, which may have contributed to his overall success.

How much is VeeFriends Worth?

Every original VeeFriends NFT is sold, meaning they are now only available for third-party purchase. It is estimated that the VeeFriends collection has made Gary Vee roughly $30 million. That figure is likely to keep on climbing, considering that the cheapest VeeFriends on the market right now are circulating for around $35,000.

Christie’s sold some of Gary Vee’s collection at the beginning of the year for more than a million dollars, and that was only the beginning. VeeFriends now has a market cap of around $500 million- not too shabby for some doodles, huh?

Gary Vee and Buying NFTs

Selling one of the most successful NFT collections of all time is not the only thing keeping Gary Vee busy in the marketplace. He is also an avid buyer. His most notable purchases are several CryptoPunk NFTs- one of the oldest and most prolific collections of them all.

He recently paid around $3.7 million in Ethereum cryptocurrency for one of the Larva Labs tokens, which was, at the time, the third-highest price paid for any CryptoPunk token (it has now slipped to eighth place).

In total, Gary Vee is the listed owner of more than 1000 NFTs, 59 of which are part of the CryptoPunk collection.

Gary Vee: the NFT Guru

In general, Gary Vee is a pretty good person to turn to for advice and information about all things related to NFT. His YouTube channel is full of great videos and podcasts sharing insight into the industry- his NFTs for beginners in 45 minutes is about as detailed an introduction as you can find!

Final Thoughts

Gary Vee is more than an NFT celeb: he is one of the most important figures in the entire industry. If you want to keep up to date with what is happening with NFTs, he is the man to turn to, and we have the current connection right here at!