NFTs and Real Orangutans? Sounds Like Monkey Business, but Utan’Clan Ain’t Playing Around!

By now, there is an NFT collection representing just about everything: designer brands, celebrities, political actions, controversial events… but what about wildlife? Enter Utan’Clan: an NFT collection representing one of the world’s most endangered primates. 

It doesn’t stop there. These NFTs are actually connected to real orangutans and are actually doing something to help. We have the scoop on what the collection is all about, who their partners are, and when we can expect to see the tokens drop. 

What Is Utan’Clan?

Utan’Clan is an NFT project with a difference. The tokens themselves have been likened to Bored Apes Yacht Club- one of the most famous and successful blue-chip collections of all time. However, there is a fundamental difference between the two. While Bored Apes are synonymous with money and fame- representing status more than anything else- the utans represent an actual endangered animal in need of our help. NFTs may be rare but not as rare as our endangered species. 

When you buy an Utan’Clan NFT, you adopt an actual orangutan in Borneo or Sumatra, with a portion of the purchase price supporting top wildlife foundations working to protect these incredible animals. 

About the Launch

According to the official Utan’Clan page, we can expect the presale launch on March 22nd. As of now, there is no official set date for the main sale, but it is confirmed that Aurora will be the launch platform. 

There are going to be 6500 Utans in the initial collection- each one completely unique and sporting a list of attributes and features too long for details. Just like BAYC, the Utans have a mixture of clothing, accessories, expressions, and more. We also know that around one percent of the tokens are going to feature albino orangutans, which are likely to be big sellers. 

Wait: there’s more! These NFTs are also going to be part of an interactive blockchain game. The first step on the proposed road map is a play-to-earn setup, followed by expansion and the introduction of Utan’Clan World- where user can stake their utans in a mating process and lead to virtual population growth. 

Before this virtual mating can happen in the blockchain realm, a second drop of female utans (the first collection is exclusively males) is scheduled. Again, there is currently no time frame for that. 

A Bit About the Utan’Clan Real-Life Orangutans

Right now, six real orangutans make up the base for all the characters in the Utan’Clan collection. That figure is soon going to be 10 as the Utan’Clan world expands. These apes are the main feature of the interactive game. 

They currently live in Borneo and Sumatra under the care of Orangutan Rescue: Utan’Clan’s partner in this project. It is this foundation that is benefitting from the donations from Utan’Clan and the generous buyers when the time comes. Every token purchased means a “fundamental contribution” to the project and the work it is doing. 

That’s not all! Buyers also adopt an orangutan whenever they purchase a token. The donation made per token goes towards support and research for the protection of wild orangutans. Unfortunately, because the species is so scarce, it is not possible for each one to have a visible real-life partner. 10 “heroes” featured on the platform through Orangutan rescue represent their wild brothers and sisters. The group intends to work in an additional rarity level where people can exclusively adopt an orangutan. 

There are now only around 65,000 Orangutans left alive in the world due to habitat destruction. The population has declined by half in the last 60 years. 

Sustainability in NFTs

You may be thinking that an environmental project and NFTs don’t necessarily go hand in hand, considering that blockchains are not exactly considered sustainable. That is where Aurora comes in. Aurora is currently the online blockchain-based on NEAR protocol: a carbon-neutral approach to technology. 

By using Aurora to drop the Utan’Clan collection, the creators support the climate-neutral initiative and are helping strive for a low-footprint future for crypto and NFTs. 

Final Thoughts 

NFTs with a cause that take real-life action- what’s not to love? You can invest in a cool image with great collectability value while making a real difference to an endangered species. Keep your ears open for an official launch date, and be sure not to miss the presale on March 22nd!

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