The Highly-Anticipated Poly-One Launch: As it Happened and the Hype that Followed

Digital art has been the shining gem in the NFT crown since the industry really took off back in 2019. The community of artists that makes the NFT world so uniquely diverse and creative comes from every corner of the map- representing cultures, beliefs, backgrounds, and lifestyles of every variety. 

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It is surprising how few platforms highlight these artists and celebrate their differences. PolyOne exists to change that. It focuses on the artists and their work while making a real impact.

The drop was always going to be big, and the build-up exciting. On Monday the 21st of March, it finally came. Here is all you need to know about the project, the launch, and the changes PolyOne hopes to make. 

What Is PolyOne

First things first: let’s share a little bit of background. PolyOne is a new NFT marketplace that operates on dual blockchains: Ethereum and Polygon. It is heavily artist-centric and has partnered with three respected names in the art world. Braw Haus,, and Parlor Gallery are all on board with the bold and brilliant digital art movement. 

PolyOne is more than just another marketplace for people to try and turn a profit or find a random cool token for their collection. Instead, it is a place where international digital artists can tell their stories and elevate their profiles. Ultimately, the platform aims to allow artist recognition, appreciation, and exposure to reach a new level on the digital scene. 

What’s more? Any profits generated go towards supporting charities fighting for human rights and conditions. PolyOne is trying to make a difference in lives- be it those of the incredibly talented digital creators or those affected by the money the artworks generate. 

Pre-Launch Build-Up

The drop was announced last week, releasing names of the 30 featured digital artists and the time scale for the whole thing. As part of the pre-amble, PolyOne also shared its goals for the launch and the future.

According to the PolyOne ground, it is connected with various charities supporting Ukrainian and Iraqi refugees. The group informed its potential future members and minters that they have an option to donate part of their earnings to contribute to this cause. 

Other exciting info bites included educational NFT workshops in the days before the big arrival. Digital artists shared tips and advice about the industry and explained how to carve a path for yourself as an artist in this world.

The Ground-Breaking Launch 

On Monday, it all kicked off. The five-day launch begins in spectacular fashion with an open-air art display in one of the world’s most historically significant locations. 

Works by PolyOne’s featured artists were projected onto none other than the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Erbil in Kurdistan, Iraq. Using one of the oldest cities in the world as the backdrop for the youngest wave of modern art was not only visually stunning, but it also felt very poignant. 

Admission to the outdoor museum to watch the so-called Genesis Drop was free of charge and live-streamed globally. Online tickets for pre-sale NFTs generated profits which are said to be going directly to the refugees most in need of aid. 

What Comes Next?

The launch is set to last five days, finishing on the 22nd and showcasing 30 artists from across the world. PolyOne’s overall goal is to bring NFTs to a new level and show that they have real-world significance and impact.

Gradually, the PolyOne site plans to add more art, ultimately curating the largest and most significant international collection of all. Interesting buyers can reserve tickets and connect their digital wallets ahead of sales day. Once it is fully up and running, people can mint on either the Ethereum or Polygon blockchains and connect a wallet through Coinbase, WalletMask, or MetaMask. 

Final Thoughts

NFTs are reaching whole new levels. The notion of highlighting artists and creators in the industry is not new, but it has not yet been achieved to the full extent. The PolyOne launch is an exciting step forward in promoting the incredible international talent out there- not to mention the ability to use that talent to support the people who need it the most. 

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