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Sorare Review

Soccer fans of the world unite: Sorare is the latest evolution in interactive fantasy football tournaments. It is one of the most famous NFT platforms and is known by many people who have nothing to do with the crypto world- proving once again that you can sell anything by putting a famous sports star’s face on the front of it!

Sorare Marketplace at a Glance

  • Sorare is a marketplace and a game.
  • It sells cards featuring soccer players from various leagues.
  • There is only one NFT type on this platform.
  • Members buy cards to create teams and compete in fantasy football (soccer) leagues.
  • You can buy and sell cards without setting up a digital wallet or buying any other type of cryptocurrency. 

Commissions and Charges

The marketplace does not charge any commission on trades between players- they get to keep any profit they make. If you are buying via cryptocurrency, there is no fee from the Sorare side. Credit card payments, however, carry a charge of 10% for buyers and sellers. 

Payment Options

There are two ways to pay on Sorare: via a bank card using your local fiat currency, or through a digital wallet using Ethereum cryptocurrency. PayPal and bank transfers are not possible at this time. 

Sorare Marketplace NFT Categories

Sorare is a niche marketplace, without a doubt. It does one thing, and it does it well, which is why people love this platform so much. There are, however, two sides to the Sorare way of working: trading card collecting and playing a game.

Sports Trading Cards

Some people are really just in it for the collector’s value. Collecting cards with your favorite athletes on them is a hobby that goes back generations- this is just a modern upgrade. 

There are many cards to collect across various leagues and rarity levels. Even if you are not interested in joining in the tournament and winning prizes, there is a lot of potential just as a collector.


The main appeal for most Sorare members is the game. Like any fantasy football league, people collect players, build a team, and play in tournaments. On the Sorare platform, you have the chance to win free cards and genuine cash paid into your marketplace account. 

About Sorare Marketplace

Launched in 2018 by the Frech corporation, Sorare SAS, Sorare has quickly become one of the NFT world’s leading marketplaces. 2021 saw the platform really take off thanks to an eye-watering successful round of fundraising. 

Some notable investors include venture capital giant Accel, as well as various famous soccer stars such as Pique, Ferdinand, and Griezmann. The total sale value of trading cards so far has sky-rocketed to nine-figure numbers and does not seem to be slowing down. 

The global community of die-hard fans and gamers is the main reason that Sorare shines so brightly. There are few groups of people in the world as passionate as football fans, especially in Europe, where the platform came from. South America is another area where Sorare reigns supreme amongst NFT platforms, and its popularity is growing every day in the US. 

Using Sorare

The platform itself is attractive and easy to navigate, with every laid out in a way that just makes sense. You can’t fully access the platform or explore the design until you officially register as a member. There is nothing to lose by doing so. In fact, you actually gain 10 tree randomly selected tokens.

To get started, you need to arrange the free cards into a team and consider buying others to pad out your squad. The cards come in three colors, which represent the rarity. It goes like this:

  • A red card (rare) is the most common color. There are 100 copies of each player.
  • The blue card (super rare) is in the middle, with 10 copies made.
  • Last but not least, the brown cards are unique, meaning there is only one copy. These are the most sought-after and most expensive, as you would imagine. 

When you go to buy, you simply scroll, click, and bid- there is nothing to it! Most transactions on Sorare are by set price only rather than an auction, so bear this in mind when you do your shopping. 

All the cards you own appear in your account and on your team. To play the game, you need to enter the tournament. As a first-time user, you are entered into a rookie league to get you up and running and comfortable with the setup. If you win, up you go!

Once you have played in four leagues or for at least four-month, you get promoted. As you win games, you also win prizes- including more cards to use with your team. It is a cool structure that just makes sense. As far as the website design and operation, we really don’t have any complaints. 

If you decide to sell some cards, that process is equally simple. Go to your cart and click on the card you want to put up for sale. When you do, you can find a button that says ‘sell my card.’ Click it, enter the price you want for the card (remember-no auctions), and submit. The card has two days to sell. Otherwise, the transfer is canceled, and it returns to your cart for use. 

Creating with Sorare

The Sorare Marketplace does not provide a platform for creating and minting your own NFTS. It is purely for buying, selling, and playing. If you are looking for a place to launch your work, this is not the one to choose.

Pros and Cons of Sorare Marketplace


  • You can pay using a credit card, debit card, or bank transfer.
  • Join a giant global community of supporters that you can connect with via the Sorare game.
  • Sellers can set the price they want for their cards, regardless of what they paid for them in the first place.
  • You can win bonuses and prizes as you play.
  • Get 10 free cards just for signing up to the platform.


  • Right now, PayPal is not a supported payment method.
  • Buying NFT players is an expensive version of fantasy soccer- there are other ways to do it for far less money!
  • Many of the best cards are only available at higher levels, so you need to spend a bit of time to gain access to them.

A Few Interesting Facts about Sorare Marketplace

There are currently well over 50,000 active Sorare players, making it one of the biggest fantasy football (soccer) leagues in the world. 

Sorare originated in France- a country that is famous for its Football endeavors and successes, including its title as the reigning Fifa World Cup champion.

The most expensive Sorare NFT card bought so far is a one-of-a-kind card featuring (surprise surprise) Christiano Ronaldo. It sold for €245,072, which is the equivalent of around $287,420. 

In total, Sorare users have traded over 150 million US Dollars worth of player cards since the platform launched in 2018.

Final Thoughts

Soccer fans need to look no further: Sorare is the place to be. No other platform comes close to the same level as Sorare for valuable and collectible soccer cards, with every famous face on the field available through the platform. 

It is more than a marketplace. Sorare is an interactive game of fantast soccer that members of the community can enjoy together. Collectible trading cards and a bit of fun? What’s not to love. Register now to join in a global community of crypto-loving soccer fans and see how far you can take your team.