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NFT LaunchPad Review

NFT LaunchPad is a new marketplace created in 2022 but has already built traction with investors. The platform provides minted NFTs on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Polygon Blockchain, which ensures users have a variety of NFT assets to choose from. It is denominated by one of the world’s most used cryptocurrencies: Wrapped BNB (WBNB).

This marketplace supports the minting and launching of NFTs projects. Users can create NFTs by raising funds to build, launch, and market their projects. Minting is relatively easy on the platform as it supports various formats. Read this handy review we’ve created to know more about NFT LaunchPad and what to expect from the platform.

NFT LaunchPad at a Glance

  • Easy minting process
  • Varieties of NFTs categories
  • Users can design their creator page while minting
  • Supports Polygon and BSC
  • Many high profile collections
  • Supports MetaMask wallets

Commission and Charges

The Binance Smart Chain works on the concept of gas, which is a measure of computational fuel needed for every interaction on the blockchain. Therefore, every interaction garners a certain amount of gas depending on several things like the storage required, the type of computation involved, and the number of interactions.

Overall, the good thing about NFT LaunchPad is that it has no gas fees whatsoever. However, various NFT Launchpads have curated platforms deployed on Ethereum’s layer two networks that charge low gas fees.

Payment Options

Various NFT marketplaces allow users to buy NFTs with a debit card or PayPal account, but this is not the case in NFT Launchpad. The NFT LaunchPad marketplace list digital assets through traditional auctions, fixed prices, and declining auctions. It uses the Wrapped BNB (WBNB) as the exclusive currency for buying and selling NFTs. 

Users can obtain (WBNB) on various cryptocurrency exchanges. To kick start any transactions on the platform, users will first have to buy (WBNB) and connect to their MetaMask wallet. Don’t have a MetaMask? Visit the MetaMask site to set up an account wallet. After connecting to the MetaMask wallet, a user is ready to start buying or selling collectibles. 

This platform assures clients they’ll have complete control over their private keys while connecting their accounts to a MetaMask wallet. Moreover, the platform is constantly adding new features and wallets to attain the best user experience. Users can also use the Trust wallet, for instance.

NFT LaunchPad Categories

The platform is streamlined in such a way to ensure the minting process is easy. This was done to make users focus on what is more important- making money. It also supports numerous formats, including the MP4 format. Users can also identify what NFT collectibles are suitable for them.

Most NFT LaunchPads have game-changing IDOs and NDOs that have a plethora of categories stemming from NFTs, Gaming, MetaVerse, Defi, and Socials, among others. These NFT Launchpads follow a three-tier model that allows investors and creators alike to new innovative ways of partaking in IDOs.

The three-tier model includes an NFT starter, where an investor must stake at least $20,000 in NFTs. Next comes the NFTPro tier; the investor usually takes at least $60,000 in NFTs. Lastly, the third tier, NFTAdvance, is where the investor has to stake at least $180,000 in NFTs to have an opportunity to participate in IDOs and NDOs.

Moreover, the platform will even allow access to new NFTs purchases at the ground level before the collectibles are put on the market. These services are only accessible to different tier holders. Furthermore, various tier holders can stake their native tokens to have an opportunity to participate in IDOs and NDOs.

About NFT LaunchPad 

NFT LaunchPad came into mainstream media as a decentralized platform in February 2022, where it accelerates the growth of high-quality NFTs for start-up safely and autonomously. It is a safe hub where both investors and creators can benefit. How so? Creators can raise funds selling their unique NFT assets, while investors can buy various NFT assets as at-risk investments.

The platform will determine how genuine an NFT project is and will list it on the platform. It will showcase the project’s mission, vision, and roadmap of a particular project. Investors, in turn, will do research on the listed project and make their preferred investments.

In a nutshell, NFT LaunchPad is a growth engine for creators and investors to make substantial growth for budding crypto users.

Using NFT LaunchPad

The first step is creating an NFT LaunchPad account. A user will buy the exclusive (WBNB) currency for transactions and store them on their MetaMask wallet. Users will see that creators have set different royalties, and a rarity level for these collections is expressed. 

When an investor identifies a collectible they can purchase and flip afterward, they will use the exclusive currency on the platform to buy the NFT collectibles. After purchasing the desired NFT, the user can then set up new listings on the same NFT LaunchPad with new prices after the (WBNB) tokens have been deducted from their MetaMask.

After making a price listing, it’s just a matter of waiting for somebody to come and buy the NFT collectibles. 

Creating with NFT LaunchPad

If creators are trying to engineer their NFTs to grow, they come to NFT LaunchPad. Here, creators devise means to raise funds and launch and market their NFT Projects. NFT makers have unique portfolios, which makes NFT launching easy.

Creators have an opportunity to establish a community, increase their investment returns, and reduce transaction costs on their trades. The platform can also be customized to reach a global audience. Moreover, the platform has fundraising models that help creators have immediate liquidity for new-minted NFTs.

NFT makers can set up royalties as rewards for loyal users and create a legacy. Additionally, they can create native tokens to raise funds, plus reward those who purchase their tokens with staking rewards. 

There are other features on the platform that enhances user experience; creators, for example, have options of creating an exclusive page for people who are interested in their NFTs to follow. It is a whole ball game with complete biography, profile picture, links to social media sites, and cover photos.

Pros and Cons of NFT LaunchPad

There are various benefits and drawbacks users experience while using this platform. Here’s is a list of some of the advantages and disadvantages:


  • No gas fees
  • A variety of NFT collectibles
  • Exclusive Wrapped BNB currency for trade
  • Users can Flip NFTs
  • Users can mint and create NFTs on a single platform


  • Creators must first mint NFTs to kick start the creation process.

Fun Fact About NFT LaunchPad

Various NFT LaunchPad marketplaces offer creators and investors a platform to launch and market their NFTs. Others have gone a mile further by offering charitable donations services as they believe in making the world a better place through technology. There is a one percent fee that is designated towards charity.

The platform will highlight the organizations it wants to donate to, then, after zeroing down to one and channeling the one percent fees on, it sells to the said organization. It will revert to their users to tell them where their money was donated. The process is very transparent to eliminate doubts. 

NFT LaunchPad Highlights 

Network/ Token UsedBinance Smart Chain (BSC) or Polygon
Gas FeesNo gas fees
Collection Size100000+
Trade VolumeN/A

Final Note!

In this digital world, it’s next to impossible to picture a world without NFTs. They have impacted everyone wishing to make a difference while still making it big. NFT LaunchPad is a fast-growing marketplace that easily generates traction for investors and NFT creators alike. It offers a user-friendly software interface that allows a swift and efficient minting and marketing process. 

Overall, it’s the best place to raise funds to build, launch and market NFT projects. Check out the website now for more information on how to develop your NFT campaign.