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GhostMarket Review

GhostMarket is a popular and powerful NFT marketplace. It has been around throughout the crypto rise to fame and has cemented itself as an integral part of the industry. Its users enjoy an open and collaborative community that values artists and creators.

Our review can tell you everything you need to know about GhostMarket, its NFTs, and the benefits of using it. Having all the info helps when you are trying to narrow down the ever-growing list of markets to find the one that is right for you and your NFT journey. 

Maybe GhostMarket is the one! Read on to find out…

GhostMarket at a Glance

  • It is a cross-chain marketplace that works over multiple blockchains.
  • The commission structure is as follows: 2% on purchases, 0% on sales.
  • GhostMarket works with 20 different cryptocurrencies.
  • The user-friendly interface is easy to work with for creators and collectors alike.
  • It offers around 30 different NFT collections, focusing mainly on digital art.

Commissions and Charges

There is a 2% commission charge for buyers on GhostMarket but 0% for sellers. There is no charge whatsoever for selling an NFT on this platform. 

Users can also set up a unique referral link to send to others, and whenever a purchase is made through the link, the person earns a quarter of the charges paid by the buyer (0.05% of the sale price).

Payment Options

Unfortunately, GhostMarket does not accept payment via credit card, debit card, or PayPal. The only way to pay on GhostMarket is with cryptocurrency via a digital wallet. 

One thing we love about GhostMarket is how many different cryptocurrencies are accepted. GhostMarket currently works with 20 crypto coins, including ETH, BNB, NEO, and FLM. Strangely enough, it does not support Bitcoin, but many lesser-known options are available. 

GhostMarket Categories

What types of NFTs are actually available on GhostMarket? With new platforms popping up constantly, finding the NFTs you want can become somewhat laborious, which is why it helps to know what each marketplace sells. 

There are two main categories of NFTs on offer at GhostMarket.


Digital art is, by far, the most prominent type of NFT style on GhostMarket- particularly collectibles. The platform has a huge focus on highlighting artists and giving them credit and recognition for their work, so it makes sense that the main category seen here is creative artworks. 

The types of artwork range from detailed graphic drawings to quirky cartoon collections, so there is something to suit everyone’s taste.


There is also a small representation of sport NFTs, with nods to racing. It is not a memorabilia hot spot, nor is it the best place to look for digital trading cards, but there are a few sport-themed collections. 

About GhostMarket

The GhostMarket NFT marketplace launched in 2020, right around the time these fun non-fungible tokens started to gain attention. It is a cross-chain marketplace, meaning it works on multiple blockchains creating a varied selection of NFTs and opportunities. 

It was set up originally with the NEO and Phantasma blockchains, but it now also supports NFTs from BSC, Polygon, and Avalanche. To buy and sell through GhostMarket, you need to connect a compatible e-wallet. 

Artists love GhostMarket because it lets them keep full control and ownership over all their creations and contributions. The marketplace does not claim any intellectual rights over uploaded artworks and tokens, but it does require the seller to agree to unrestricted hosting and distribution rights.

Using GhostMarket

The setup on GhostMarket is one of the best, in our opinion. Whether you are looking to create a new token, sell one that you already have, or browse for your next purchase, the navigation is clear and intuitive.

You can filter your search settings by blockchain, currency, listing type, and collection, all with a couple of clicks. All the prices and details are on display directly below the thumbnail images for all to see at a quick glance, as is the rarity and collection name. 

By clicking on an NFT, you instantly gain access to the full specs of the design, attributes, artist, and transaction history. Know exactly where it came from and what journey it took to get to you now- all in an easy and pleasant display.

On a more simple but equally enjoyable- note, users can also switch between website color schemes depending on what they find more appealing. The display lets you quickly scan the latest drops, hottest bids, and all the live auction activity currently in motion. 

Creating with GhostMarket

The NFT creation platform on GhostMarket is one of our favorites for several reasons. One of the things that we particularly love is the no-fuss step-by-step layout that makes it easy for anyone to mint their own NFT.

You select the blockchain you want to use then upload the image. Name it, add a description, and decide how many copies you want to make. As you go, you can see a preview of what buyers are going to see once you register the token for sale. GhostMarket also shows you a running total of the fees based on the changes you make. It is helpful to know exactly what price to expect when you are finished. 

In terms of the minting fees, they are very reasonable. To mint a single unlocked NFT with 0% royalties costs less than a couple of dollars. As you raise the royalty percentage or the number of tokens, the price rises, but it is definitely competitive. 

Once you click to confirm the mint the token appears in your account for you to do with as you please. If you decide to sell it on the GhostMarket platform, you have the option to choose between an auction or instant sale, and you can, of course, set the parameters. 

Pros and Cons of GhostMarket


  • Pay with more than 20 different currencies.
  • Artists retain 100% ownership of their work until it is sold.
  • Enjoy the low commission rates.
  • It has an excellent interface with customizable displays.


  • Payments via card or PayPal are not yet supported-
  • The variety of NFT categories is limited- almost everything is digital art.

A Few Interesting Facts about GhostMarket

GhostMarket is one of the very few NFT platforms with a rewards and referrals program. If you recommend someone to use the platform and they make a purchase via your link, you get money for it!

In less than two years, GhostMarket has amassed a portfolio of around 300,000 NFTs and has a little over 1500 users (and climbing). 

It was created by members of a community of developers known as Ghostdevs.

Final Thoughts

If you are new to NFTs and interested in digital art, GhostMarket is a superb option. By focusing on intuitive website building and a user-focuses approach to displays, the GhostMarket developers have created a marketplace that feels accessible and welcoming to everybody. 

Sign up to GhostMarket today and join a growing community that keeps the art at its center.