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Collectibles NFT Marketplace Review

Although the name is not new by any means, this NFT marketplace is. The wildly successful crypto company branched out back in March 2021 to launch a dedicated NFT platform on its blockchain. 

That branch has quickly grown into an impressive little tree in its own right. Big-name celebrities, world-renowned digital artists, and mega-corporations have all dropped collections on the platform. It is the perfect balance of exclusive and accessible, and here is all you need to know. at a Glance

  • Its partners include Snoop Dogg, Astin Martin, Bosslogic, and Lionel Messi.
  • With all the mite of and its exclusive blockchain, the marketplace is well set up for success.
  • Since it launched in March 2021, it has already sold tens of millions of US dollars worth of collectible NFTs.
  • Only hand-selected artists and members can sell their original tokens on the platform, eliminating the spam that muddies so many other marketplaces.

Commissions and Charges

Apparently, charges zero fees on its platform. Neither the seller nor the buyer needs to pay the platform a commission. How does it make any money? We were wondering the same thing. The only charge we can find is a small conversion fee for anyone paying with one of the many compatible cryptocurrencies. 

Payment Options

You can pay using either a digital wallet or a bank card. The platform accepts almost any fiat currency and more than 20 different cryptocurrencies, depending on what type of wallet you use. Many e-wallets are compatible with the site, but the currency is exchanged at the time of payment into the native coin CRO. NFT Categories

The Marketplace is all about collectibles. Some of the collection categories include celebrities, digital art, sports, and music. In each category, there and individual collections created by big names and some seriously talented people. Quality is key at

Using NFT Marketplace

There is not much to say about using this platform other than it is ultra-smooth and sophisticated. Everything flows perfectly, and the display has one of the most appealing layouts we have seen so far. 

Unless you are a selected artist, you cannot sell work through the NFT platform, but anybody can buy and trade! You can search collections by name, artists, category, or price, to name a few. 

Keep track of upcoming drops and ongoing auctions thanks to the homepage that updates in real-time and becomes part of the most inclusive exclusive club in NFTs. 

Creating on

Something that makes a bit different from the rest is its zero-tolerance policy for spam and its highly selective process of deciding who gets to publish work for sale on the marketplace. The average Joe has little hope of selling a piece on this platform, but that doesn’t mean they can’t still make one!

It is easy (and cheap) to create an NFT on the blockchain. Minting an NFT here costs a fraction of a cent, which is a far cry from the $100 fees on Ethereum-based marketplaces. The problem is that there is no possibility to sell it anywhere as no other platform supports NFTs on the blockchain. 

If you are willing to play the waiting game and hope that somebody makes the link, there is nowhere cheaper to mint an NFT.

Pros and Cons of


  • There are zero purchasing fees.
  • It is one of only a few NFT marketplaces that accepts payments via a bank card.
  • The user interface is very intuitive and straightforward to use.
  • You can also use the NFT marketplace on a mobile device via the app.


  • You can only access the platform by connecting via the app.
  • There is limited information out there yet, and it has not been around long enough to build up a track record or reputation, so it is a slight leap of faith to give it a try.
  • Only selected artists can sell on the platform, which keeps the standards high but is not great for budding new digital artists that have yet to make a name for themselves.

A Few Interesting Facts about is the only NFT marketplace to work solely on its own unique blockchain. The blockchain is exclusive to the platform and is an interesting point of difference.

The business behind this marketplace (also called is one of the most popular and reputable crypto companies in the industry. With more than 10 million registered users since it launched in 2016, it has never been hacked. The same security protocols apply to the newly launched NFT marketplace.

Since its launch, the marketplace has given away hundreds of thousands of US dollars worth of gifts and surprises in the form of mystery boxes. NFTs, CRO coins, and even 1 Bitcoin reached the digital wallets of many happy fans and followers. 

Final Thoughts

There was never much doubt that this marketplace would be something special considering who its big brother is. is a powerhouse in the digital currency world, and its marketplace is likely to reach the same dizzying heights one day. 

Sign up to the NFT platform to gain access to some of the highest-quality art and most exclusive celebrity collections and get your foot in the door while the day is still young.