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Lazy Lions Price

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The current floor price of a Lazy Lions NFT is , with a 24- hour transaction volume of . It has increased by  percent within the last 24 hours.

Moreover, the average sale price is , with being the highest and being the lowest. The collection is now rated number one with a floor maximum of . It has a percent listed ratio and a maximum available supply of characters.

While entering 2022, most cryptos were on a downward spiral, but NFTs were telling a different story. Non-fungible tokens became the talk of the town in 2021, and its ravaging storm doesn’t seem like it’s going to stop any time soon. With over four billion in sales and an increase of 50% in volumes on the market in the last 30 days, NFTs have certainly made permanent strides in the crypto market.

There are various NFTs collectibles, with Lazy Lion being the newest kid on the block. If you’re interested in tapping into the NFT market, here’s what you need to know.

What Are Lazy Lion NFTs?

Lazy Lion NFTs are collectibles of about 10,000 NFTs with different features. They are generated programmatically from more than 160 attributes, including clothing, eyes, headgear, mane, and expression, among other things. Moreover, it has a vast community base on Discord that has enabled its floor price to rise and has gained massive prominence on other social media platforms outside the traditional cryptocurrency market. The NFT is also hosted on the Ethereum blockchain, steadily gaining momentum and popularity.

Popularly known as the blue-chipped NFT, it is currently playing the main field with popular NFTs like Bored Ape Yacht Club and CryptoPunk. It sold out just hours after its launch with 3000-5000 collectibles on sale. The launch sale generated a whopping $1.5 million, with the high rate Lazy Lion going for about $50,000. 

It is a community-focused project to empower people to enter the NFT market and thrive. 

Anyone Can View Lazy Lion NFTs, but Only Investors Can Own Them

Collectors can display their collection on Bungalows. The Bungalows are different from one owner to another, giving them a suitable area to show off their Lazy Lions artwork collections. Owners can customize their walls in these areas and make them like a space gallery. What’s more, the Bungalow itself is an NFT.

Additionally, Bungalows can display their collection over Twitter banners. Owners can edit the NFTs and interact with them as they would with pictures in a gallery.

Who Created the Lazy Lion NFT?

The founders of Lazy Lion NFTs are four friends from Sidney who were trying to venture into the NFT market. This NFT was launched in August 2021, taking its inspiration from their cultural background. They went with a Lion, as a representation of royal power in the Assyrian culture, plus, lions have an artistic appeal since they are the jungle kings.

Lazy Lion NFT was hand-drawn with unique art by Rizzoeth, with the dream team of four members, namely, Anlion, Ashur, Nine, and Nin. These founders presented the project as community-based and have worked tirelessly to expand its networks over the years.

When Were the First Lazy Lion NFTs Released?

The first Lazy Lion NFTs were first released on 7th August 2021. These four founders took inspiration from their Syrian culture, showcasing a hand-drawn lion representing royal power. Its launch was a massive success, with all NFTs assets selling out within a few hours of the launch. A rough estimate of the NFTs participants was somewhere between 3000-5000. 

The Lazy Lion NFTs Community Is Very Active

Overall, the community is very active based on the price statistics of last year. This lion avatar found its traction as members grew to over 5000. Its trade volume has grown to over $32 million as more people find ways to be part of this community. Within the community profile avatar picture, there are whales who own dozens and hundreds of NFTs from one collection.

Last month alone, Lazy Lion has been in the rage such that it got the attention of popular stars like Steph Curry. This collection has seen $28 million in trade volumes with more than 3,000 transactions – a reason to dig deeper into this collection.

Some Lazy Lion NFTs Characters are Rarer than Others

The Lazy Lion collection started with 10,000 PFK last year. Lazy Lion founders added more than 10,000 Lazy Lion bungalows to the market. Even before we get used to the Lazy Lion bungalows, the founders announced that in May 2022, they’d be releasing new sets of the Lazy Lion Cubs collection that’s entering the private island.

Moreover, the first recipient for Lazy Lion Cubs is Lion holders. This new addition will certainly ensure the Lazy Lion NFTs community grows. You still have time to dive into the secondary market to find a Lion.

The Prices of Lazy Lion NFTs Are Different from One Another 

Lazy Lion NFTs are available at various prices – with the lowest ranging from $1,340 and the highest slightly over $3,134 in the last 30 days. The average price would be $2,028. Each NFT is peculiar, making prices differ from one another.

At the beginning of the year, its prices were way up there, but right now, the prices have significantly reduced. You can easily take this opportunity to buy the Lazy Lion NFTs before prices start going up again.

What’s the Cost an Investor Had to Pay for Lazy Lion NFTs?

As stated earlier, the Lazy Lion NFT was generated to empower individuals to enter the NFT market and thrive in it. The commitment to this goal was seen in how the founders organized events to give back to the community. At such an event, the most expensive Lazy Lion NFT was sold.

The NFT was sold at a whopping 99 ETH, which is equivalent to $350,000, in October 2021. No other transaction has been able to surpass this one. In the last 30 days, the most expensive Lazy Lion NFT was sold at 19.69 ETH, equivalent to $57,790, where there was a switch of owners. However, the current owner has put up a new price of 100 ETH.

The third best is a Lazy Lion with a bloody mouth sold for $51,270. This new owner has not yet set its current price.

What Drives the Prices of These NFTs?

Some people are flabbergasted by the prices and the extreme lengths NFT enthusiasts go to acquire Lazy Lion NFTs. They’re just PFP collections that you’ll typically use as a profile picture on your socials. In this section, we highlight some of the reasons why these generative PFP collections are expensive.

Growth Wallet Distribution 

One of the main contributors to skyrocketing prices of Lazy Lion NFTs is their growth wallet distribution. Currently, 5,133 owners claim ownership of 10,079 Lazy Lion NFTs on the market. Moreover, its owners are participating in NFTs for the first time, actively involved in speaking out about Lazy Lion NFTs on Twitter and Discord. Entrusting a project to owners is highly relatable. 

The Rarity of These Generative PFP Collections 

Lazy Lion NFTs collectibles consist of highly desirable rarities, with the most expensive sold for about $50,000. Its unique features have made its prices skyrocket the way they have. Interestingly, an evolving roadmap with 160 programmable traits, including but not limited to the mane, background, Lion’s body, eyes, headgear, and month.

The combination of these traits determines the rarity of a particular Lazy Lion NFTs. If the item is super rare, then its prices will go up. When the rarity levels are low, expect the price to also go down.

Social Standing 

Lazy Lions has done exceedingly well on social media. It recently received more than 90 million impressions on Twitter engagement. The largely growing community-based aspect made Lazy Lion attain its popularity.

Its Discord presence at heart has ensured transparency, making more people want to get involved in the market and causing its demand to skyrocket. If demand is high, the prices will scale up.

Good Returns on Investment 

Everyone is looking for good returns, and Lazy Lion NFTs offer that. Crypto nerds can buy Lazy Lion NFTs at lower prices and sell them at higher prices. This makes its prices to be on the high-end spectrum.

How to Buy Lazy Lion NFT on OpenSea

Here’s a step-by-step guide on buying Lazy Lion NFTs on an NFT Marketplace.

Final Note About Lazy Lions NFTs 

Lazy Lion NFTs are certainly here to stay. They’re among the most traded NFTs on the market. If you’re looking to find your ground in the NFT market, you must start small and then scale through as you get the hang of it. 

Following the same footsteps of other Ethereum blockchain NFTs like CryptoPunks and Bored Ape Yacht Club, Lazy Lion NFTs are growing and continue to leave a mark on the NFT market. Collecting PFP generative has the same joy score as collecting paintings. Therefore, it’s an NFT to keep an eye on.