Baby Ghosts Reach the First Stop on their Road Map: 25% Sold!

Something wickedly cute this way comes! Back in October, the most appropriate time of year for such a venture, the Baby Ghosts collection dropped via Opensea to spread spooky collectible vibes all over the NFT world. Now, halfway through a decidedly more festive month, the collection is officially 25% sold, meaning the first goals on the pre-announced road map. 

A non-fungible token NFT is a type of cryptorurrency which represents something unique.

What exactly does that all mean? Let us explain.

What Is the Baby Ghosts NFT Collection?

Baby Ghosts are, firstly, spookily appealing for a whole bunch of reasons. The style, hype, collectability, and background of these quirky NFTs leave us unsurprised at how quickly the 10,000 strong tokens are selling out. 

It is a community-based collection designed by a team split between the US, New Zealand, and France: an international collaboration of talent at its finest. The brains behind these funky little spirits have a wealth of background and experience in crypto, design, social media, and marketing, so the venture was always going to be a hit.

What Original Goals were Set?

When Baby Ghosts launched, the creative team announced a road map for their selling journey. There are four distinct milestones, each carrying a promise of one kind or another. The goals and commitments are as follows:

  • When 25% of the collection sells, 10 Baby Ghosts are going to fly away for free at random to the group’s Discord Members (basically the central fan club of followers). In addition, one original Baby Ghost owner from the Presale whitelist is going to receive one ETH, which was worth a little under $3900 at the time of writing. 
  • At 50% sold, the Baby Ghosts group commits to donating $30,000 to St Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, which is based in Memphis.
  • The third milestone, 75%, marks the launch of the online Baby Ghost’s merchandise store. According to the site’s goals statement, any and all profits gained through the online merch store go directly to the community wallet.
  • Lastly- you guessed it- when 100% of the Baby Ghosts sell, the next collection launches! That means a whole new bunch of Baby Ghost-themed tokens becomes available, with exclusive pre-sale rights for anyone who bought one of the first bunch. On top of that, 10 lucky NFT owners are going to receive one ETH each- again, not too far off of 4,000 dollars apiece.

We have to say, the person responsible for this marketing is certainly pulling their weight. The interest in the collection’s progress is incredible, with people everywhere desperate to buy a token just to be a part of the conversation and keep up-to-date with the progress.

The Discord member group is a community of thousands, all of whom have exclusive access to regular deals, giveaways, promotions, and drops. One thing that makes Baby Ghost even more special is the fact that the creators of the collection are actively involved, interacting with members and driving the sense of community forward. 

More About the Baby Ghosts

The NFT collection is made up of 10,000 completely unique tokens, all featuring some variation of a cartoon baby ghost. They vary in background, skin, facial expression, accessories, and more. 

In terms of rarity, there are four levels:

  • Chilling (66% chance of a drop)
  • Freaky (20% chance)
  • Ethereal (13% chance)
  • Hallowed (1% chance)

How Much are they Selling for?

Officially, the average selling price for a Baby Ghost is around $250, with most sales falling between the range of $140 to $315. That said, the top three selling Baby Ghosts (including one seriously impressive buy a couple of weeks ago).

Number Three: Baby Ghost #826 – $2022

Number Two: Baby Ghost #179 – $2320

Number One: Baby Ghost #134 – $20,900

Baby Ghost #134 is an ultra-rare Hallowed Rarity NFT that shattered the collection records on December 8th. It is an exciting foreshadowing of some scary prices ahead! The total trading volume for the first 25% of the collection is $69,500.

Final Thought

We are excited about this collection, which has all the makings of the next CryptoPunks. It has the following, uniqueness, and hype. Watch this space as the Baby Ghosts fly towards the next milestone.

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